Stephanie Barbutti Car Accident: Cause of Death – What Happened?

Stephanie Bettini-Barbutti was Killed on Tuesday.

Stephanie Barbutti is the driver of a 23-year-old who was killed in a collision. The accident happened when the car collided with a utility pole near Interstate 215 in Murrieta.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Stephanie Bettini-Barbutti of Portland, Oregon, was killed on Saturday just before noon on northbound I-215 near Clinton Keith Road,

According to officer Mike Lassig, Stephanie Barbutti was driving the car at 50 mph when she turned onto the Clinton Keith exit lane. However, Lassig claims that Stephanie Barbutti returned to the No. 3 lane before reaching the off-ramp.

According to officer Mike Lassig, she “steered quickly to the right” at that point, causing her 2004 Toyota Corolla to cross “sideways,” hit a motorway exit sign, and then crash into a light post.”The hit severely damaged the left side of the vehicle,” there were no other vehicles in the area.

Paramedics from the Riverside County Fire Department arrived shortly after and pronounced Bettini-Barbutti dead on the scene.

Stephanie Barbutti was riding in the vehicle’s right front seat. She was critically injured and taken to Inland Valley Medical Center in Wildomar for treatment.

But, soon after or during her treatment, she did not make her way back to life and died in agony.

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