Sir Trill Dead Or Alive? – What Happened To Him?

The famous South African musician, songwriter, rapper, and record producer Sir Trill, whose real name was Tumelo Mzwakhe Zwane, has passed away. The musician committed suicide on January 4, 2023.

Investigations are going on because it’s unclear what led to his suicide. The South African musician said on Twitter that he had given up on a career in music since he had not received any money.

In a series of tweets, Trill indicated that he was having trouble releasing a project and felt it was past due, suggesting that unidentified people were getting in the way.

“I want to thank everyone who sincerely backs Sir Trill. This will likely be my final tweet, he wrote.

“Last year, I should have canceled a project for you guys. Consider this. I should have dropped, but I didn’t. Nig*as were attempting to prevent me. You folks come to me first. Without you all, Sir Trill is nothing, he wrote.”

He has recently spoken out about being ripped off and going bankrupt after years of creating accomplishments without compensation. Trill surprised his fans when he revealed what had been negatively affecting him mentally and emotionally.

He reflected on Twitter, claiming that he had not been paid for the songs he had produced.

He wrote in a tweet that he was in a desperate situation,

In contrast to most musicians, Sir Trill did not enter the mainstream music industry after signing with a well-known record company. He is a man who has put a lot of time and effort into his work and talent, and he is in charge of his growth through marketing and partnerships with renowned musicians.

Sir Trill has worked with various musicians, including DJ Maforisa and Tyler ICU. His songs, like Injabulo Yini Sdakwa Uyalazi Piano Samsokolo, are well-known. He has been able to perform upbeat music at many live performances and expensive music events. He was renowned for using his social media accounts to advertise his upcoming albums and singles.

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