Singer Maurílio Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The death was confirmed this Wednesday afternoon (29).

Singer Maurílio, from the country duo Luiza and Maurílio, died at 4:30 pm this Wednesday (29th), in a hospital in Goiânia. The artist was 28 years old and had been hospitalized since December 15 due to pulmonary thromboembolism.

In a video posted on social media, Luiza explains that they were participating in the recording of a DVD when the singer felt bad, however, he and the rest of the team thought it would be tired. After recording the song, the countryman ended up falling on stage, he received help from Luiza and their producer.

Just yesterday afternoon, a medical bulletin was reported to have been released stating that Maurílio’s condition would have worsened in the last 12 hours. The doctor accompanying the case, Wandervan Azevedo, informed that he had three more cardiac arrests and needed to be sedated in the ICU.

A few days earlier, Maurílio had suffered a kidney injury and had to undergo hemodialysis. On the 17th, sedation was suspended so that the doctors were able to assess the singer’s neurological situation, the following day the hospital informed him that he would be improving.

After getting better, the singer was transferred to another hospital in the city of Goiânia, he managed to breathe on his own and touched his wife, friends, and family. However, the positive picture did not last long and the countryman died this Wednesday afternoon (29).

The disease that killed Maurílio, pulmonary thromboembolism, is caused by an obstruction of the vessels in the pulmonary artery. This obstruction generates a clot that can travel up to the lungs, heart, or brain, blocking the flow of blood in these places. The most common symptoms are severe pain in the leg and shortness of breath.

Several artists such as Alcione and Dilsinho paid homage to the singer.

Maurílio Ribeiro was from Imperatriz, in the city of Maranhão, while Luiza is from Belo Horizonte (MG), both lived in Goiânia, known as the capital of the sertanejo. They met on a friend’s birthday in 2016, there they formed the duo and haven’t parted since.

But the success came in 2019 with the song “Sextou com S de Saudade”, a song with the participation of the duo Zé Neto and Cristiano. In addition to Zé Neto and Cristiano, the duo has already recorded with big names such as Jorge, from the duo Jorge and Mateus, Alcione, DIlsinho, and Marília Mendonça.

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