Singer Manuel Castell Dies Trying To Rescue A Drowning Woman.

José Manuel Castillo Velázquez, a Sonoran singer known as Manuel Castell, lost his life trying to save a drowning woman.

July has been dyed red after the deaths of Fernando del Solar, Susana Dosamantes, and Marta Aura, unfortunately, it has claimed one more victim from the entertainment world, it is the young Sonoran singer José Manuel Castillo Velázquez, who lost his life trying to save a woman who was drowning.

The Mexican interpreter tried to save the life of a woman who was drowning in the Laguna del Náinari, in Cajeme, Sonora. The man was parked on the shore of the lagoon in front of the ” Cafe Domo ” where he occasionally worked as a musician.

The events occurred on June 12 while he was waiting for his wife who was being treated at Social Security when suddenly he heard a young woman ask for help, it was then that he entered the lagoon to try to save her.

José Manuel Castillo Velázquez, whose artistic name responds to that of Manuel Castell, managed to float the woman in question; however, the current pulled him to the bottom and he was no longer able to get out of the lagoon alive.

Civil Protection helps women

The city council of Cajeme reported on the heroic act of the man who unfortunately lost his life trying to save the woman who was helped by the Municipal Civil Protection Unit (UMPC) and transferred to the Mexican Social Security Institute, where he is being attacked.

For his part, Javier Lamarque Cano, mayor of the town, lamented the death of José Manuel Castillo Velázquez: “I deeply regret the accidents in tributaries that have occurred, the death of this exceptional young man who tried to do good hurts our souls. selflessly and sadly he was swept away by the current.

Was his body found?

Experts in diving and aquatic rescue from the Cajeme Fire Department carried out search tasks and found the lifeless body of the Sonoran singer around 8:20 p.m. on the same day.
In the same sense, Civil Protection alerted the inhabitants about the danger of swimming in these water tributaries (canals, streams, and lagoons), which are not safe places, for this reason, they urged the locals to take extreme precautions and become aware of the danger of entering these bodies of water.

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