Singer And Songwriter Luis Vagner Dies At 73

This Sunday (9), singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Luis Vagner died at the age of 73. Born in Bagé, in the Campaign Region of Rio Grande do Sul, the ‘Guitarreiro’ as he was known, was at home in the city of Itanhaém, on the coast of São Paulo, where he lived.

After suffering two strokes, the musician was debilitated and developed sequelae. The death information was confirmed to G1 by music producer and friend Claudiomar Carrasco Martins.

“I am appalled, and I am already missing my brother, my friend,” he said.

In 2018, Luis Vagner was at RBS TV’s Jornal do Manhã, to promote a 30-year anniversary show of his album ( remember participation in the video below ).


In the 50s, already living in Porto Alegre, Luis Vagner joined the band ‘Os Jetsons’ with other musicians. Born in the Partenon neighbourhood, East Side of the Capital, the band changed its name to ‘Os Brasas’, and became established as a support band for several talents during the Young Guard period.

Later, next to the singing Jorge Ben Jor, he started to introduce samba-rock in the country. The singer from Rio de Janeiro composed the song ‘Luis Vagner Guitarreiro’, in honor of his musical companion.

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