Siena Schoenrock Accident: 17-Year-Old Student’s Tragic Passing – What Happened?

The tragic news of a teenage schoolgirl’s death has shocked her family and friends. She was a cherished 17-year-old who died in a pedestrian accident in Orem on Monday.

Provo High School student Siena Schoenrock died in the collision that took place at about 400 S. Vineyard Road. Authorities claim that Siena Schoenrock was struck by a car as she was crossing the street. Our condolences and prayers are with Siena, who lost her life in a fatal vehicle accident.

About Victim:

On October 16, 2023, Monday. A 17-year-old Provo High School student has been identified as the pedestrian who was seen on Monday night near 400 South Vineyard Road walking with Vineyard City Councilwoman Amber Rasmussen. When both were hit by a car, Amber suffered injuries, but Seina passed away instantly.

According to a report in KSL, the driver apparently remained on the scene. At the same time, authorities arrived at the location where several pedestrians and drivers are said to have been killed in collisions in the past.

The authorities are still investigating the case, and the driver who hit her is in police custody. The police express their condolences to the victim’s family.
It is a hard time for her family, who recently lost their beloved daughter in a fatal accident. The family member of Siena shared his feelings on social media to pay tribute to her.

Funeral detail:

The family of Siena is mourning the loss of her beloved daughter. Her family didn’t disclose the details of her funeral; they were mentally disturbed by this terrible, shocking news. They need time to recover from this incident. Seina’s family created a GoFundMe account for financial support for her funeral. Helping someone out will fall under the heading of good deeds.

Our condolences and prayers are with the Siena family, who are suffering from a significant loss.

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