Sarah Ntshila, Aka Sarah Kanku, Died After a Cosmetic Surgery (bbl).

Sarah Ntshila, aka Sarah Kanku, was a well-known Congolese TikToker whose vibrant presence had captured the hearts of many, she sadly died on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

Young and talented influencer Sarah Kanku, known for her captivating videos on TikTok, tragically passed away at 25.

She passed away this Wednesday in Kinshasa following a cosmetic surgery (BBL) that unfortunately went wrong.

She might be ideal for everyone looking to enhance their beauty. She exemplifies how you can achieve your finest appearance while staying safe by taking the proper precautions.

Sarah Kanku is live proof that sometimes a short and simple operation like the Brazilian Butt Lift can give someone some confidence.

Sarah was about to begin a new chapter, engaged to a Congolese living in Canada. However, fate decided otherwise. Pushed by her friends’ advice, she decided to undergo the surgery.

Friends who are now interrogated as part of the investigation. Sarah’s loss raises troubling questions about the societal pressures women face, always in the pursuit of pleasure. Her story is a poignant reminder that beauty is more than meets on the outside.

Details about the funeral and obituary will be released as soon they are finalized, making it possible for her loved ones to participate in her final rites.


“I don’t know, for some people, ooooh, but it’s better to keep your shape and be alive than wanting to alter it.

You altering it seems like God didn’t do the right thing by giving that to you.

It’s becoming worse by the day when ladies go for Cosmetic Surgery to have a figure 8 shape.

See how 25-year-old Congolese tiktoker Sarah Kanku lost her life in Kinshasa on September 13, 2023, because the surgery went wrong.

As fine as she was, she wasn’t contented.

May her soul rest in peace.”

“Sarah kanku a beautiful 25 years old Congolese tik toker died on Wednesday September 13 following a cosmetic surgery operation that went wrong r.i.p my heart is broken 💔 moral lesson to young girls.”

“Death oh !why 😭😭 reste in perfect peace from this evil world full of pain and sorrows my dear sister Sarah kanku.”

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