In conversation with Quem, Junior Figueiredo, husband of the actor, assured that he is well, at the end of the treatment, and will be discharged soon

Actor Rodrigo Sant’Anna, 40, is admitted to Hospital Vitória, in Rio, for treatment of Covid-19, after being diagnosed with the disease on May 20. In a conversation with Quem this Saturday (29), the screenwriter Junior Figueiredo, the actor’s husband, guaranteed that he is fine.

“He is already at the end of treatment. He is breathing normally and probably today, later tomorrow, he will be discharged,” explained Junior. “He was admitted as a precaution. It was recent, the day the note came out [that he was with Covid],” added the screenwriter.

The news that Rodrigo, famous for the characters Valéria Bandida, from Zorra Total , and Carol Paixão, was hospitalized was given by columnist Fabia Oliveira. According to the note, the actor does not use a respirator and his condition is considered stable.

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