Roddy Lunceford Death: New Hampshire Resident, Died Unexpectedly

On August 6, 2023, a beloved son Roddy Lunceford unexpectedly passed away, leaving behind his friends, family, and co-workers in deep grief and sorrow.

He was a Nashua, New Hampshire, citizen and a recruit at Pipefitters Local 537. Roddy was a person who had a loving and kind personality. His death was confirmed through a social media post of her mother that reads:

“I cannot even believe im posting this, my son Roddy Lunceford has passed away. I have lost both my children in a year. Life is so unfair; what the fuck.”
The reason behind Roddy’s sudden and unexpected departure isn’t made public; the family may reveal it later.

Celebration of Life for Roddy Lunceford will be on Sunday, August 13, 2023, between 2-6 pm at Billerica Elks.

He was a Nashua, New Hampshire, native who worked for Pipefitters Local 537 and was dating Tina Galvin. After losing his heroic son, his mother misses and remembers their shared memories.

Denise Price Lunceford’s life was full of joy and purpose before Roddy was born.

Roddy’s aspirations and interests were driven by Denise’s unfailing support and encouragement, which laid the groundwork for the amazing voyage ahead.

Anyone who knew him smiles when they hear the name Roddy. Roddy was a lot more than just a kid who loved to skate. He was a loyal friend, a beloved son, and an inspiration to everyone with the good fortune to know him.

Family and friends are heartbroken and mourning after acknowledging the sudden demise of beloved Roddy, missing and remembering the memories they made with him, paying tributes and sending condolences to him.

“Roddy Lunceford I can’t believe I’m seeing this. I’ll always cherish the times we had skating and just hanging out. Rest in peace brother.”

His best buddy Dylan Beecher shared a heartfelt tribute to him: “From skateboarding as 13-year-old young ins and getting house tattoos to growing up and being my brother, even living with me and my family at one point. The amount of memories i have with my bro is all i can think of today. My brothers dont have the same blood as me and i just lost another one. This one crushed me. RIP Roddy “Raw Dawg” lunceford give jacky a hug for me and dap up the rest of the bros.”

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