Robert Durst Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The 78-year-old billionaire was convicted of killing his best friend and is accused of killing his wife; he talked to himself, in a confessional tone, on going to the bathroom while recording the series and forgot he had the microphone on.

US magnate Robert Durst died at the age of 78 on Monday (10) in the United States. The man, who turned himself in unintentionally in a documentary, was sentenced to life in prison last October for murdering his best friend and is charged with the death of his wife.

Durst’s attorney confirmed his death to ABC News and said it was due to “natural causes” because of his various health issues. Late last year, Durst was intubated with Covid-19 and was still battling bladder cancer.

The New York real estate mogul was sentenced to life in prison in October last year and, shortly after, was accused by his wife’s dead wife, who disappeared in 1982. This only happened after he spoke to himself in the bathroom, not remembering that he still had his microphone on, and confessed to the crimes during an episode of the 2015 documentary ‘The Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst’.

The six-episode documentary series showcases all the crimes the tycoon was suspected of at the time. In 1982, Kathleen McCormack, wife of Robert Durst, disappeared at age 29 in circumstances that pointed to the billionaire as being involved; she was never found and in 2017 she was presumed dead at the request of the family. In 2000, Susan Berman, a writer, and his best friend were found dead in her home, and again, the evidence against Durst was strong. A year later, Morris Black, his neighbor, was killed and had his body dismembered by the billionaire before being thrown into a river; on this occasion, Durst got off on the grounds of self-defense.

In the last two cases, the documentary brings indications that Berman and Black could have discovered something about his wife’s disappearance and, therefore, would have been murdered by him. In 2015, hours after the last episode of ‘The Jinx’ aired, the mogul was arrested over compromising audio obtained by the production and shown in the final stretch of the series. Just before going to the bathroom where he talked to himself and accidentally turned himself in, filmmaker Andrew Jarecki asked Durst about a letter he sent to his friend Susan and with extremely similar spelling to another anonymous note addressed to the police at the time of the crime with the location of the victim. writer’s body.

“There, they got you”, “What the hell did you do?” and “Killed them all, of course” were phrases said by Robert Durst while talking to himself in the bathroom at the end of the shooting of ‘The Jinx’, shortly after being confronted by the filmmaker. Listen below:

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