Rafael Araneda, Hospitalized In An emergency, What Happened To Him?

Rafael Araneda suffered a serious accident in the city of Weston, Florida. The renowned entertainer was doing sports with his bicycle when he was hit by a driver who did not respect a stop record.

After that, the Chilean television presenter, who has developed his career in Chile, Mexico, and the United States, had to be transferred urgently.

The incident was reported on the streets of Indian Trace with Saddle Club. As detailed by Las Últimas Noticias, the one who was an animator of the Viña Festival suffered a high impact and was even unconscious.

What happened to Rafael Araneda?

Marcela Vacarezza, Rafael Araneda’s partner, was the first to arrive to accompany him to the emergency medical center. « Thank God she was wearing a helmet, otherwise we don’t count her twice. he underwent all the routine exams and he is without fractures but with many bruises, “he stressed to the aforementioned medium.

After what happened last Sunday, it was indicated that the former driver of “Red, fame against fame” is already resting at home. Although still with several pains from the crash.

“He has a hard time standing up and walking. It is not known how long it will take for him to be able to walk normally (…) He has to rest and have a head scan in five days to check that there are no effusions due to severe head trauma,” Vacarezza explained.

According to Marcela, “ Rafael was riding a bicycle down the street and a guy passed a Pare record out of some shops. A lady who saw everything told me that she (her husband) flew “.

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