Prm Leader And Community Activist In New York Rafael Mendoza Dies

NEW YORK._ The renowned leader of the PRM section and community activist Rafael Mendoza died on Saturday afternoon after suffering strokes to the brain and heart, dying in the Harlem hospital where he was taken and connected to the machine support on Wednesday that was withdrawn by disposition of his immediate relatives.

He was a member of the Executive Commission and coordinator of the sectoral fronts, a position he held during the 2020 campaign.

He was also the party’s federal press director for several years.
Mendoza, according to his long-time friend and also PRM leader Jairo T. Guerra authorized by the family of the deceased to offer the details, that the deceased participated hours before the attacks in a meeting with several other party leaders and then went taken to his home in Upper Manhattan, where he had dinner on Wednesday and was preparing to watch a movie on the television, being surprised by the cardiovascular accident as he made his way to the kitchen.

“We were at the meeting discussing party issues and the government’s situation and after the meeting we took him to his house, where his son and granddaughters were, he was normal, he told the son that he was hungry and he ate broccoli with shrimp and white rice. it was his favorite food, ”Guerra explained.

He said that Mendoza collapsed falling to the ground so the son heard a loud blow. “His son rushed to the kitchen and found him on the floor, part of his head broken after suffering a massive stroke from the attack of which very few people are saved,” added Guerra.

He said that Mendoza’s body released a lot of blood, he had severe spasms and he could not breathe.

The son called 911 and paramedics arrived and transported him to Harlem Hospital. Guerra explained that on the way to the hospital, Mendoza suffered another cardiovascular accident.

The deceased’s wife, Margaret Mendoza who was out of New York and another son who resides in Miami, returned to the city to be by his side in the final moments in the hospital.

The family prayed to him and the eldest son hugged him, telling him that he was very proud of his father.

The son reported that his father died in peace, calm and on the way to the hospital in the ambulance, he suffered the massive heart attack again.
Mendoza, was also a prominent leader of the PRD before the division and in the government of then President Hipólito Mejía, he was appointed director of the House of Culture, today Commissioner of Culture in the United States.

He was always very active in almost all community activities, maintained an informative digital page and collaborated with important local and national media, also appearing on television and radio programs.

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