Came the day. Pokemon GO kicks off the Magikarp Community Day event, bringing a powerful charged attack for Gyarados. Know your table of IVs and all the details of this community day.

Pokemon GO inaugurates the Magikarp Community Day, an event in which users can capture this pokemon fish in its shiny variant and with 100 IVs if they are very lucky. In addition, it brings a powerful move for Gyarados, which many already want to try in the GO Fighting League. Find out all the details of the community day here.

According to the official website of the augmented reality game, the Magikarp Community Day event will last six hours and can be played without having to leave home. In addition, reports from Pokemon GO players in Asia reveal that the shiny variant of this Pokemon Fish is appearing more frequently.

For you to get ready, this event will be held from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm Peru time. It will be six hours in which you can complete a small paid investigation dedicated to this community day, as well as have access to interesting bonuses that will be useful for the evolution and leveling up of the creatures.

Magikarp Community Day Bonus

During the six hours of the event, all Pokemon GO users who participate in Magikarp Community Day will receive a bonus triple Stardust per catch. On the other hand, the duration of the incense increases to three hours for the event.

What move will Gyarados learn?

Evolve your best Magikarp in Gyarados when Community Day is active or up to two hours after it’s over for this intimidating Pokemon to learn the Aqua Cola Charged Attack.

Magikarp Table of IVs

If you don’t have a Magikarp with perfect stats in Pokemon GOCommunity Day is your great opportunity. Here we leave you the table of IVs of this creature depending on its level and if there is favorable weather when the event takes place.

Pokemon GO: list of the best Pokemon to defeat Deoxys in the week of the Enigma

Enigma Week is the latest Pokemon GO event, thrilling thousands of trainers, as this celebration allows Deoxys raids for 7 days within the augmented reality game. This singular can be caught in its shiny variant and here we show you a list of the best Pokemon that will help you defeat it.

The week of the Enigma runs from 3.00 pm on Friday, August 7 to 3.00 pm (Peruvian time) on August 14 in  Pokemon GO. During the event you will see 5-star eggs appear in the raid gyms where Deoxys will come from; In addition, you can play it from home and invite friends from anywhere in the world, with the help of a remote raid.





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