Philippines: Hero Dog, Who Saved Two Girls, Dies At 13

Kabang, the dog who saved two girls from being run over in 2011, died at the age of 13.

Kabang the dog , hailed as a hero in the Philippines after losing half her face trying to save two girls from being hit by a motorcycle 10 years ago, died on May 17.

Its owner, Anton Mari Lim, announced the death of the heroine dog Kabang at the age of 13 on Facebook, which sparked tribute comments on social networks.

Kabang saved two girls in 2011

Kabang , the hero dog became a hero in 2011 in and her story was revealed in local media, making her an internet sensation.

This is because the dog Kabang saved the lives of two girls who were crossing a busy highway in the Philippines , intentionally jumping in front of a motorcycle.

According to the owner of Kabang , the dog was always a selfless heroine to the end.

He also assured that he missed when he jumped through the portal of his house to greet him when he arrived or when he stayed with him in his garden while he worked.

Kabang’s face was rebuilt in America

After Kabang jumped in front of a motorcycle to save two girls from being run over in the Philippines , the motorcycle overturned, tearing off the muzzle as well as part of the jaw and damaging one of their eyelids.

But thanks to an online fundraising campaign, more than 538,000 pesos were raised to try to rebuild Kabang’s face and treat his wounds in the United States.

Kabang’s face was partially reconstructed, but plans to fit him with a prosthetic muzzle and jaw were abandoned.

Kabang’s remains will be deposited in a concrete vault at the foot of the statue that was erected in his honor in Zamboanga City, Philippines , which was financed by an American fan.

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