Peter Minshall Dead Or Alive? – What Happened To Him?

Whether they are about famous people or other people, spreading death rumours is very widespread. Similar to what occurred with Trinidadian Carnival musician Peter Minshall (described colloquially in Trinidad and Tobago as a “mas-man”).

According to our investigation, renowned mas performer Peter Minshall is still alive. This afternoon, news of his death travelled across the Carnival scene and was picked up by the state-owned TTT, which also reported it. The Express, however, can verify Minshall’s continued existence and good health in the company of his loved ones.

Minshall was born in Georgetown, Guyana, but his family relocated to Trinidad when he was a little boy after his father accepted a position as a cartoonist. Minshall was introduced to Carnival at a young age in the nation’s capital, Port of Spain.

At the age of thirteen, he created his first outfit. He attended Queen’s Royal College before enrolling at London’s Central School of Art and Design to study theatre design.

Even before graduating high school, Peter Minshall created Carnival costumes for various family members and acquaintances. His first significant theatrical commission, for a performance at Sadler’s Wells, came after a director viewed a portfolio of his Carnival designs. His thesis at art school was on the bat, a traditional Carnival character.

“Dancing mobiles” have sometimes been used to describe Minshall’s outfits. According to him, “Mas” is a performance art that combines the virtues of sculpture with movement. Each costume is made with the performer’s movements in mind, making the performer and outfit one.

Minshall has created mas in addition to other performance-related technologies. He organised the nuclear protest march called Adoration of Hiroshima in Washington, D.C., in 1985. Moreover, Minshall’s works were exhibited and featured at the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup opening ceremony. The Air dancer is also credited to him as its creation.

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