Payton Bleskacek and Simon Loga Elmwood Died in a Tragic Car Crash

A tragic incident has taken place; two young lives, one known as Payton Bleskacek and the other one known as Simon Loga Elmwood, have passed away unexpectedly. Both of them were involved in a very disturbing car accident that ended up taking their lives.

Those young guys were teenagers, one aged 13, and the other was 14. They had both just recently completed their eighth grade at Elmwood Middle School. This tragic accident happened on the Memorial Day.

Emerging Details of the Incident

Some emerging details are coming from different sources on social media. Reports suggest that On May 29, at almost 5:52 p.m., a very terrifying car accident occurred that involved two cars. The accident happened on Highway 25 at County Road A north of Ridgeland.

According to a piece of news confirmed by the Barron County Sheriff’s Office, they mentioned In this incident, a van driver, a 54-year-old Rice Lake man, and a car driver, Brody Bleskacek, 17, of Elmwood, were involved. Many organizations in that area responded to the accident at the closure of Highway 25 for almost four hours.

In response to the accident, it included ambulances, fire departments, lifeline helicopters, and some law enforcement agencies. In this accident, the car was headed westbound on County Road A while the van was heading northbound on Highway 25. Payton Bleskacek, 14, was accompanied by Brody Bleskacek; not just this, he was with his stepbrothers Simon Loga, 13, and Seth Loga, 17.

Reports suggest that Brody Bleskacek was involved in the accident and had suffered from severe injuries. As soon as the accident occurred, he was taken to a local hospital, but later, he was discharged. Some reports suggest that he might have passed away, but some information indicates that he is alive. Whereas Seth Loga was in critical condition, he was airlifted to a medical facility in Eau Claire, but unfortunately, Payton Bleskacek could not survive because of his injuries at 4:17 p.m. on Friday, June 2; he passed away at a hospital in the Twin Cities.

The van driver, who was a resident of Spooner, was pronounced dead at the accident scene. When the news came public, he was identified as the father of van passengers. Van passengers ranged from different age groups, eight to fifty-four, and all of them were treated at a nearby hospital.

Memorial services of Simon Loga

A memorial service planned to honor Simon Loga and Payton Bleskacek occurred at the Elmwood High School gymnasium on Wednesday, June 14, from 3 to 8 p.m. In contrast, the details of the funeral arrangements were not determined.

Investigation of the accident continued, and the Wisconsin State Patrol is reconstructing the crash site with assistance from the Barron County Medical Examiner’s office.

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