Paxton Newell, 17, High School Student, Died from Brain Cancer

Paxton Newell, a student from Corner Canyon High School in Draper, Utah, sadly passed away. On Tuesday, August 29, 2023, at 17, he gave up to cancer.

Paxton, a rising junior at Corner Canyon High School, received a shocking diagnosis a few months ago. Since then, he’s shown incredible strength as he fights against this challenging disease.

He’s already had surgery to remove the tumour and was undergoing radiation therapy. Paxton was not just a fighter.

He was a valued member of the CCHS Lacrosse team. He inspired us all with his dedication and hard work.

Paxton was incredibly passionate about skateboarding, working out, and lacrosse. He has big dreams and goals but has had to put them on hold as he battles this tumour.

His family never saw this coming, and they did everything they could to support him and ensure he gets the best care possible.

Paxton appears to have an intrinsic ability to comprehend and connect with people deeply, whereas many teenagers may still be figuring out where empathy stops and reality begins.

His adventurous personality brings forth his infectious zest for life. He offers them character depth and makes them more enjoyable to be around with his exploratory approach.


Staci Chavez organized the fundraiser on behalf of Lisa Newell with a message:

Initially, the fundraising was created to generate money for Paxton’s cancer treatment; however, when he passed away on August 29, 2023, Staci Chavez gave an update, informed the public of his passing, and thanked everyone who donated.

“Paxton was undoubtedly greeted in heaven with open arms by an army of relatives and friends. We all love and miss you and find great peace knowing you are healthy again, and we will be with you for eternity.

Much love to you, and thank you on behalf of myself and the Newells for the kindness you have shown. I am forever touched.”

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