Paul Whisky Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Paul Dibello, social media personality and famous club promoter in Houston, dies at 34.

Paul Dibello, aka Paul Whisky, is among the 50 best club promoters in Houston nightlife. Apart from being a social media personality and club promoter, he was occupied with his full-time job as a salesman in a Private furniture store owned by Sam Zavary, “Exclusive furniture” in Houston, Texas. 

Sam Zavary, the owner of Exclusive Furniture, confirms the passing of Paul Whisky. He died overnight in a car crash.


Paul was extremely popular on social media for his comedy skits. He had thousands of followers on social media, especially on Instagram. In 2013 Paul followed the comedian influencers on Instagram; he was very interested in figuring out how these influencers could do humor in a 6-second video. Moreover, soon he decided to do a comedy skit on Instagram right around the same time.

He was going through a divorce and was dealing with depression; most of his skits were on women. Soon his feedback started growing, and local radio stations in Houston began to repost his work, including 93.7, Chingo Bling, and Paul Wall was a huge repost he got. After that, he received a lot of followers and is growing till today. 

He once called social media skits a “Double-edged sword.”

Ever since the news reached social media, everyone on the internet has been posting tributes and offering condolences. Our sincere condolence to Paul Dibello’s family, friends, and fans.

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