Parker Ryan Motorcycle Accident: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

On Friday, June 16 June, Parker Ryan, 23, of Scituate, Massachusetts, died from injuries he encountered in a motorcycle collision.

Ryan was reportedly in a coma for more than three weeks. According to his family, Parker was pronounced dead at around 4:20 in the morning and was surrounded by them.

Everyone is shocked and devastated when word of Parker’s passing spreads. Everyone is grieving his loss and thinking fondly of his magnificence and lovely character.

Accident Details:

Parker was riding his motorcycle when he and his passenger were involved in a catastrophic crash. Parker was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but passed away from them. Nothing is known regarding the passenger’s health.

Parker’s family, who he had left behind, and his friends and loved ones confirmed his passing at the precise moment.

Obituary details:

The family may shortly reveal the details of the funeral service.

Everybody is lamenting, thinking of, and missing him. They also express their sorrow, ask for his eternal life, and their loss for the beautiful time they shared with him.


A long tribute shared by Chicken Fried Chopper on Facebook remarks:

“Extremely sad to hear that Parker Ryan passed away today; he was 23. Parker was in a critical motorcycle accident on May 13 and has been hospitalized since. Parker landed on our radar at the Deadbeat Retreat in 2022 and quickly found a home with the Lowlife family up north. The boys took off to ride the Kancamagus Highway. Parker quickly learned all about breakdowns, roadside fixes, and the shared camaraderie when everyone pulled back into the campsite together. Parker must have caught the travel bug hard because, in January, he purchased a Chevy G20 van from Jason Robson to drive it from Mass to California with his bike back for a 4-month internship! It was an adventure full of ups and downs, but Parker went the distance and closed out the 6,000+ mile trip. It’s easy to buy a motorcycle or van; it’s hard to commit to a road trip and see it all the way through, especially one as ambitious as looping the entire country, and at such a young age! When it comes to spinning wrenches, only some have the mechanical confidence to handle the problems guaranteed to surface when traveling that far in an old machine. To me, that was Parker’s stand-out trait, I haven’t known him long, but it’s easy to see that when a problem arose, he was fully ready to face it head-on (whether the windshield in front of him was smashed or not). Parker was a traveler, a young man with a bright future ready to take on the world. We will surely miss him, and our hearts go out to Lisa, John, and the rest of his family. I’m proud that Parker went out and traveled the country. It’s one of the most important things you can do at any age. I know many of his mid-20s friends are reading this, and the world they’re growing up in seems hostile. Driving or riding across our country will show you firsthand that there are quality people far and wide. Ultimately folks in Denver, Dallas, Dayton, Dover, and beyond are similar to the friends and family you know and love back home. I’m glad Parker was able to experience that. Rest in power to a real one.”

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