Bobby Nalzaro Died: What Was His Cause Of Death? Funeral

Bobby Nalzaro died

Veteran broadcaster Bobby Nalzaro has passed away on Thursday, March 17, 2020. He was the backbone of Cebu’s tri-media personalities, a legendary Filipino journalist, radio commentator, and columnist. His cause of death was multiple organ failure, according to Bobby Nalzaro’s friend and fellow Superbalita Cebu columnist Eddie Barrita, and the funeral is yet not announced! … Read more

Ilana Kalil, Wife of Renato Kalil, Dies In São Paulo

Ilana Kalil Died

The wife of obstetrician Renato Kalil, Ilana Kalil, died at age 40 in the early hours of Monday (14) in São Paulo. The police registered the case as a  suicide. The nutritionist leaves two daughters and her husband. According to UOL, the São Paulo Security Secretariat, which confirmed the case, will not disclose further details about … Read more

How Did Abdullah Shah Edmonton Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Abdullah Shah Edmonton Died

Abdullah shah Edmonton was shot to death outside Edmonton’s house. Shah was rushed to the hospital but was unable to survive. He died in the hospital – police reported. Abdullah shah Edmonton was a Notorious inner-city landlord. He was shot outside of his Edmonton house on Sunday. Currently, Crime scene investigators are working on it. … Read more

How Did Cora Faith Walker Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death? Funeral

Cora Faith Walker Died

Cora Faith Walker Died, Country Mourns Over The Loss Of The former Missouri State representative, dies at 39. Cora Faith Walker was a former member of the Missouri House of Representatives, a director for the St Louis County Executive active sam page. Moreover, she was a health care provider and a law advocate. Walker died … Read more

How Did Juan Carlos Escotet Alviárez Die? What Happened To Him?

Juan Carlos Escotet Alviárez, the youngest son of Juan Carlos Escotet, president of Banesco and Abanca, died in Florida, United States, after a boating accident. According to the authorities, the unfortunate event occurred this Saturday when the young man was in the company of his girlfriend, and according to what was published by the journalist … Read more