Did Omar the Ref Die by Suicide? – Check for the Latest Update

A few days back, some unofficial sources claimed that Omar the Ref, a basketball referee died away from suicide after being bullied on social media.

It stated that he had passed away from suicide. According to a video trending on social media, Omar caught the ball and asked the ladies behind him if they were alright.

Regarding this, people have mixed views, and many people reacted to it as a joke that Omar had saved the world, and some shared their condolences over social media.

One TikTok account that spread Omar’s death rumour was authenticated, and it released two images confirming Omar’s demise. One image shows a gravestone with the inscription:

“Tyrone Johnson 1963 – 2023, he was such a happy person.”

The man in the second image is lying on a hospital bed, but his face is hidden. According to these unproven rumours, Omar intended to commit suicide due to cyberbullying after becoming famous on TikTok.

Remember that the verified TikTok account that published those two images of Omar’s passing began using the app three days earlier. As a result, both the account and the dubious allegation it made regarding Omar are bogus.

Since August 9, no posts regarding Omar have been posted on the official BBC News X account. In addition, the profile photo of BBC News displayed in the popular TikTok video is fake since it differs from the original profile picture of the BBC News account’s original account on X.

There have been no formal announcements of Omar’s death from his family or friends, and no other reliable news or media site has covered the story. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the rumour that Omar the Ref is deceased is one of the countless online death hoaxes.

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