Olga Millette Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

According to officials, a collision on Monday claimed the lives of a 25-year-old Cumberland woman and a 57-year-old Woonsocket woman.

Early Wednesday afternoon, police released Olga Millette’s name to the public and the information that she had previously resided in Blackstone, Massachusetts. As per information provided by Cumberland police Chief Matthew J. Benson in an email on Tuesday, Millette was operating an SUV when it collided with the Volkswagen Jetta being driven by Sara J. Laboissonniere, the other woman killed in the collision.

At that time, Millette was not specifically mentioned by Benson, but he assumed she had been driving as well. It also appeared, at least initially, that neither vehicle was carrying any passengers. Lauren Lee Malloy discovered her calling and became a better person by looking into her mother’s death.

On Wednesday, he made no further comments about those issues. Beyond what has already been disclosed, there is no more information to be made public, according to Benson.

State police investigators are looking into the collision on Pine Swamp Road, and Benson is awaiting their results. At around 12:20, police and emergency personnel were sent to Pine Swamp Road.

According to Benson on Tuesday, the initial collision included a hit-and-run on Pine Swamp Road and West Wrentham Road. Two people were killed in a Cumberland crash, one a 25-year-old.

A short while later, a car leaving the area collided with another car close to 210 Pine Swamp Rd. It was this collision that claimed the lives of Laboissonniere and Millette. According to Benson, Laboissonniere was not involved in the earlier collision.

The authorities might reveal the details of the funeral rites later.

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