Nicky Newman, an Influencer Battling Stage 4 Breast Cancer, Unfortunately Died

The brave 35-year-old influencer Nicky Newman, who inspired the people of Britain with her joyful activism and fearless outlook on life while battling stage 4 breast cancer, has unfortunately died, leaving behind her loved ones alone.

Nicky’s death was announced in a heartfelt Instagram post by her husband Alex, declaring that his lovely wife had died this week at 35.

The news has created a lot of chaos on social media because the late influencer recently disclosed her uplifting information regarding the success of her cancer treatment.

Nicky was diagnosed with her illness in April 2018; she discovered a lump in her right breast while in the shower. The same week, Nicky suffered a miscarriage and was told she had metastatic breast cancer.

Nevertheless, she went on to accomplish the unthinkable and used her diagnosis to make over 300,000 strangers’ lives happier online. She used Instagram to document her battle with cancer and encourage others to grab life.

She led a busy life, going on vacations with her friends and family to far-off places and enjoying every accomplishment, no matter how minor.

Nicky married Alex, the love of her life, during sickness, helped fundraise for good causes, and gained the admiration of the British people.


Kate Enell shared,


Nicky was the very first person I found on the internet and reached out to after my diagnosis, scared and alone. At age 28, being told I had stage 4 cancer, I never thought I’d be happy again, but with Nick’s influence, this changed quickly.

I stumbled across Nick’s page, and I couldn’t believe that someone could be so happy and positive when faced with so much at such a young age, but I learned to live life like Nick, which is magical.
Those who know Nick know how much she inspired everyone around her, and she lit up every room she walked into.
Your food wiggle

We were her beautiful humans

We were her Instagram family, and you will be missed. Your love of life was unmatched.

People ask me how I remain so positive on this journey, and Nicki was pivotal in my attitude to life. I will continue to see the world as beautiful, and every time I see a thunderstorm or a big ball of joy in the sky, it will remind me of you.
Until we meet again

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