The famed fisherman was known for his quirky jokes and for enduring long hours at work with great responsibility.

Fans of the renowned Discovery Channel program, “Deadliest Catch”, or better known in Latin America as “Deadly Fishing”, are in mourning after hearing the sudden death of Nick McGlashan, a fisherman who was a regular member of the cast.

“Our condolences to Nick’s family at this difficult time,” said a Discovery Channel spokesperson.

Also, relatives assured TMZ that Nick died on Sunday in Nashville, Tennessee, without giving further details of the death.

For her part, Lydia McGlashan, sister of the late fisherman, commented on Twitter that the sadness that overwhelms the family has been very hard to overcome.

“My brother Nick passed away. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. Please hug your loved ones, “he said.

Nick was born in Alaska and began crabbing at the young age of 13, often dropping out of school and heading straight to his father’s boat to help out the crew.

After his first appearance in 2013 and being a part of 75 episodes, Nick became very famous.

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