New York Governor charged with sexual harassment

Andrew Cuomo was indicted by Lindsey Boylan, a former New York State Counsel. “He harassed me for years and many people were witnesses,” he revealed.

The Governor of New York, United States, Andrew Cuomo, was accused of sexual harassment by former state adviser Lindsey Boylan.

Through her official Twitter account, Boylan said that Cuomo had sexually harassed her for several years. “Sexually harassed me for years and many people were witnesses of it ”, reads the first part.

“I never knew what to expect: comments on my work (which was excellent) or on my appearance. Perhaps both at the same time? That’s the way it was for years, ”wrote Boylan, who was running for president of the Manhattan borough.

“I want it to be clear: I don’t want to talk to journalists. What matters to me is reflecting the experiences of countless women and making the abuse stop ”, she stressed.

Cuomo spokesmen have not issued a long statement to explain what happened.

The complaints against the governor come shortly after the agency and other media reported that he is being considered as Secretary of Justice by the virtual president-elect Joe Biden.

“There is simply no truth to these claims,” ​​said Cuomo’s press secretary Caitlin Girouard.

Boylan, 36, worked for the Cuomo administration from March 2015 to October 2018, as executive vice president of Empire State Development and later as special advisor to Cuomo for economic development.

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