Missing Ruby Pinky Abriol Found Dead, What Happened to Her?

A beloved daughter, sister, and mother, Ruby Pinky Abriol, was sadly found dead after being missing for several days.

It is devastating sadness and a broken heart that she was missing on July 31, 2023 (Monday) night in Carson, California.

After 11 days, detectives found a body, and they suspected it was Pinky’s remains. Now it’s under the custody of the detectives. And it’s under investigation.

It was not an accidental death; she didn’t go willingly and deserved a funeral.

Pinky is survived by her only daughter, parents, and two brothers.

About Pinky Abriol:

Pinky was a registered nurse, an incredible, hardworking, knowledgeable, compassionate, flexible, and critical thinker.

Pinky was such a beautiful soul. First and foremost, she was a very loving and affectionate sister and daughter, a doting aunt, and a devoted mom to Tazya.

One of the qualities for her is going above and beyond, not only for the good of the patient but for the overall success of the workplace.

She was so selfless and always cared for her parents and siblings, most of the time even putting everyone’s needs first over hers.

Everyone is still in shock, has many unanswered questions, and is still trying to process her sudden and tragic loss. It would take time for all to fully comprehend and accept the magnitude of what happened to our beloved Pinky.


Lance Caringal Sevillena organized the fundraiser to help her family to reduce the financial burden with a message:

I have made a gofundme to help her grieving family and her only daughter with all the funeral arrangements. They decided to send her back to the Philippines, and everything left will be put into a trust fund for her daughter as she learns to navigate her life without her mom.

And this time, we are asking for donations to help with a few things, including her family’s way back to the Philippines.

Two hundred fifty-six donations have brought in $30,033 toward the target.


“As former cohort members, confidantes, and comrades at St. Luke’s, we unite to extend our heartfelt sympathies to her family. Furthermore, our hearts ache in solidarity with another St. Luke colleague, Faye, who has suffered the lamentable loss of her father.

Pinky, your wisdom will forever illuminate our paths. May tranquility find you in your eternal rest.”

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