Misrach Ewunetie Cause Of Death – What Happened To Her?

After almost a week missing, the Mercer County prosecutor, Angelo Onofri, said Thursday that the body of the 20-year-old student was found behind the tennis courts of the campus facilities around 1:00 p.m. local) with no obvious signs of having been the victim of a crime. This is what is known about the case from the moments before her disappearance.
Misrach Ewunetie, a student at Princeton University in Ohio who disappeared near the campus about a week ago, was found dead Thursday behind the tennis courts of that institution, according to Mercer County authorities.

According to the county prosecutor, Angelo Onofri, the body of the 20-year-old student was found around 1:00 pm (local time) with no obvious signs of having been the victim of a crime.

“Her death does not appear suspicious or criminal in nature,” but the official cause of death will be determined after a medical examiner’s review, Onofri said.
“ Misrach’s death is an unthinkable tragedy. Our hearts go out to her family, her friends, and the many others who knew and loved her,” university vice president W. Rochelle Calhoun said in a statement.

Following the report of her disappearance, authorities launched an exhaustive search with a large police presence that remained on campus and in nearby areas on Thursday.
This is what is known of the moments before her disappearance:

The last time she was seen alive

Ewunetie was last seen heading to her dorm room at the Ivy League school in the early morning hours of Oct. 14, school officials said. But when her roommate returned to the bedroom about 90 minutes later, the young woman was not there.

Family and friends then reported that they had not heard from Ewunetie.

Universe Ewunetie, the student’s brother, said in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America that her sister’s phone last rang after 3:00 a.m. Friday at a housing complex about a 30-minute walk from her bedroom.

Universe Ewunetie told CNN that her father tried to contact her sister on Friday, but she didn’t reply and assumed she was busy. By Saturday, calls and texts kept coming to her phone,

but still no response; and by Sunday the calls were going directly to voicemail.

Relatives of the student said they spoke to her roommates, who remembered her sleeping in her bedroom on Friday morning.

Participated in an event on Thursday night

On Thursday night, Ewunetie volunteered at the Terrace Club, one of 11 clubs at the school. The organization’s president, Alexander Maravcsik, told the student newspaper that she was “on duty” doing cleaning work during a live music performance at the club.

“Thursday night, one of our members who initially signed up for service was unable to attend our event and Misrach volunteered to cover her shift. After the club closed and all responsibilities of duty were fulfilled, Misrach, as well as the other service members, left for the night,” Maravcsik told the university newspaper.
Family assures that they had no information from authorities

Earlier Thursday, Ewunetie’s family said they had been “kept in the dark” by authorities, according to her brother, who added that they were desperate for information and working to put together a timeline of what happened.

Her family was particularly alarmed that he missed a citizenship meeting on Saturday, her brother said.

“There are no constant updates or interaction with us,” he said in a telephone interview with CNN on Thursday before the body was discovered, referring to campus authorities and the prosecutor’s office.

“He was a beautiful soul”

Universe Ewunetie described her sister as a “precious and beautiful soul”, a “great listener”, and someone who “cares about people more than herself”.

The family “wasn’t particularly happy” that Ewunetie was attending Princeton because it’s a long way from her home in Ohio, but they “didn’t want to discourage her,” the brother said.
According to her LinkedIn profile, Ewunetie was a junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a certificate in computer applications.

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