Mia Ferguson Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

On March 26, Mia Ferguson of Halifax’s South End suddenly died away. After a protracted struggle with the brain tumour glioblastoma, Mia Ferguson Death passed away.

Her sister posted the news of her death on Facebook. “On March 29, my sister Mia passed away at home in the presence of her loving family. She received a glioblastoma diagnosis in December 2020, an uncommon and fatal condition.

Mia stayed strong. She possessed an unmatched desire to live and love fully. Mia was a wonderful lady who was attractive, intelligent, artistic, and hilarious. She frequently reassured us that it’s okay to feel depressed. She can think of me as her older sister. And I will always be her little sister to her. She is someone I adore and miss terribly. It was a difficult time for everyone who loved her.

“Mia decided to make a donation to the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada in order to educate, raise awareness, and assist people and families who are struggling with glioblastoma. Mia heard about their mission as she overcame this obstacle.

Family and friends have characterised Mia as a selfless, compassionate person with the most infectious grin. Anyone fortunate enough to meet her felt an effect from her.

She was a strong proponent of funding more research into brain cancer; therefore, it would mean the world to her to know that others are learning more about brain tumours and bringing attention to this underfunded cause. In honour of her, a fundraising account has been set up.

Information about the funeral services was kept private.

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