Megan Galloway Cole Death: Assistant Corporation Counsel at New York City Law Has Passed Away

Megan Galloway Cole was an esteemed Assistant Corporation Counsel at the New York City Law Department in the Tort Division and an exceptional human who unexpectedly passed away on 17 November Friday at age 28. The sudden death sent shockwaves throughout the community as she was the most beloved person in the community.

What happened to Megan Galloway Cole?

According to the source, the cause of Megan Galloway’s death was a motor accident that took Megan’s life. The circumstances regarding the death of Megan have not been confirmed at the time of this publication, but Megan died unexpectedly. The further information will be provided once it is available.

Who was Megan Galloway Cole?

Megan Galloway Cole was professionally a civil litigation attorney in the Tort Division in New York. She played an integral role in defending her city, New York, and agencies in personal and property damage. Megan’s unwavering commitment and dedication to work and to prevail over justice made her distinctive among others. She significantly contributed to the legal landscape of the city. Megan was the most generous person. Her generosity and prevailing principles of justice inspired her colleagues in the legal community.

Megan was more than a daughter, wife, aunt, and sister. She showed her compassion and devotion to her family. Megan lived with a unique spirit and enthusiasm that touched many people’s lives. She was always ready to help her close ones, build genuine connections, and bond with them. The sudden death has shattered her family members and those who had shared their moments with her.


The GoFundMe has been organized to help her wife, Mackenzie, with the funeral arrangements of Megan and the expense of living. The fund was set with a lesser goal of money, and the family of Megan will soon be informed of the new goal for the target to pay the medical bill.

Organizer: Kayli Kunkel organized the fund.

Fund: 13037$ has been reached, but the previous goal was 15000$. The Megan will soon inform the new goal for the medical bill expense.

Celebration of life

The celebration of life has been scheduled to be on 2 December, Saturday, from around 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm in Astoria, New York, at the Ditty.

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