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Meg Lanning is one of the most famous and prominent Australian cricketers. Recently she has said her final goodbye to International cricket.

On November 9, 2023, she ended her remarkable 241-match career, which was seen in seven World Cup titles.

After this news of her walking away from international cricket, she left her fans very curious about the situation and involved the things of his life.

Now, let’s look into the details surrounding Meg Lanning’s love and intimate life and her retirement rumours circulating.

As a cricketer

She is famous and prominent because of the skilful batting she demonstrated on the cricket field. Meg Lanning was the national women’s cricket team’s captain from 2010 to 2023. Although she has now walked away from international cricket, she will continue contributing to domestic cricket in Australia and India.

About personal life

Meg Lanning fans are inquisitive into insights about her personal life. People are not limited to her professional achievements but are now interested in her personal life. Fans want to know about her relationships. As for now, Meg Lanning is not married, and along with this, the lady has not even disclosed her current relationship to the public, so here is the speculation raised.

Stealing someone’s privacy is not good, but fans are Inquisitive. Meg Lanning has not confirmed any rumours that have been spread about her relationships, but at the same time, she has also not denied them. This is where the story takes twists. Meg Lanning is dating and keeping it confidential, or she may be enjoying her life being single. But whatever the situation, she is still very determined about her goals and dreams.

According to some previous reports that were published, they hinted that there might be a possible link between Meg Lanning and James Considine. As they both were seen together on the red carpet in 2015 at the Allan Border Medal, the appearance of them together triggered the rumours. Since all the rumours, they have yet to confirm whether they seem trustworthy. This leaves Fans in more keenness.

Meg Lanning’s Sexuality Rumors.

Rumours are not just limited to her personal life, which includes her dating, but it exceed her sexuality. Rumours were spread out that she may be a lesbian. But to clarify this, no such information confirms anything about her.

The beautiful lady had kept every aspect of her life as private as possible. This is the only reason people spread rumours about her.
The more private life, the more rumours are spread.

In a nutshell, Meg Lanning’s journey is not just limited to the cricket field. However, some previous rumours linked her to James Considine, but she didn’t say anything about that, and her current relationship status remains unknown to everyone.

As her fan, you should focus on her cricket achievements and the contributions he has made all her life. Most importantly, respecting her private life and waiting until she makes anything public.

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