Martha Medrano, Mother Of Luis Zelaya, Dies Of Covid-19

Due to complications derived from covid-19, Martha Medrano, mother of the former presidential candidate of the Liberal Party, Luis Zelaya, passed away on Monday .

As it was known, Martha Medrano died in a private healthcare center in Tegucigalpa, where she had been hospitalized for a few days.

The mother of the former presidential candidate was 79 years old and was diagnosed with coronavirus on April 16, according to information that circulated in various national media.

Medrano was initially admitted to the National Cardiopulmonary Institute, known as Hospital El Tórax, but due to complications in her health, the relatives transferred her to a private clinic in the Honduran capital.

Darío Banegas, a former presidential candidate, was among the first to show solidarity with his liberal co-religionist, Luis Zelaya, lamenting the death of his mother, Martha Medrano.

“My condolences to Luis Zelaya for the sensitive death of Martha Medrano de Zelaya. God bless her family and peace may come at such a painful time,” wrote Banegas on his social networks.

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