Mariusz Lewandowski Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Mariusz Lewandowski is dead. The artist was 62 years old

Painter, graphic artist, and author of surreal album covers of metal bands, Mariusz Lewandowski is dead. The information about the artist’s death was provided on social media by his family.

Mariusz Lewandowski is a surrealist painter from Działdowo, who was not widely known a decade ago. This changed when in 2017 he collaborated with the metal band Bell Witch and created the cover of the album “Mirror Reaper” for them. Since then, Lewandowski’s work has gained worldwide recognition. He was compared with Zdzisław Beksiński, whose works inspired Lewandowski.

The artist received orders from the largest labels Sony Music Entertainment, 20 Buck Spin, and Transcending Obscurity Records. He created covers for, among others Bewitcher, Eremit, Frightful, Trauma, and Solemn Silence.

Information about Lewandowski’s death was provided by the family on his Facebook profile. “It was a beautiful life, but it’s time to say goodbye, my friends! A certain era is ending … Mariusz Lewandowski’s last farewell will take place in the chapel next to the funeral home in Górowo Iławecki, on Wednesday, July 20 at 11:00” – it was reported.

Both metal musicians and fans of this genre bid farewell to the artist on social media. “We are devastated by the news about the departure of Mariusz Lewandowski, the Polish master surrealist who painted the cover of our album ‘Golgota’. It was an honor to work with him and something that we will always be very proud of” – wrote the Elder Druid team.

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