Marciano Cantero Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

Marciano Cantero, a renowned vocalist, bassist, and frontman of one of the iconic bands of Argentine rock, Los Ananitos Verdes, passed away at 62. At the Cuyo Hospital in the City of Mendoza, he had received medical care since August. Juan Carlos Mendiry, the band’s manager, confirmed the unfortunate news to Teleshow.

The artist was admitted to the hospital a few days prior due to severe abdominal pain. The musician had recently had surgery to remove part of his spleen and one of his kidneys. Relatives reported that on September 7, his health situation deteriorated.

His son Javier spoke to the local journalists outside the hospital shortly after the news broke. “As sad as I am, the 30 years I got to spend with dad were a blessing, and I’m just 30. “I can’t help but be pleased for the true hero dad was and for all the affection given to him these days,” the young man continued.

On August 25, 1960, in Argentina, Marciano Cantero was born. He founded Los Enanitos Verdes in 1979 along with Daniel Piccolo and Felipe Staiti. Later, they relocated to Buenos Aires. The Enanitos underwent a label change before starting their internationalization with CBS Argentina (CBS) and rising to fame throughout Latin America.

Beat Club and Luna Nueva, released in 1990, served as Cantero’s solo debut albums (1991).

Since then, Marciano has collaborated with Enanitos Verdes on several albums. Their most recent album, Pescado Original, was published in 2006 and featured the hit single Mariposas. They also produced a Greatest Hits collection in 1995, a Live CD in 2005, and a Greatest Hits compilation in 2006.

His net worth had a considerable increase during 2020 to 2021. Most of Marciano Cantero’s income comes from his popularity as a singer. Marciano Cantero’s net worth is reportedly between $3 million and $5 million.

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