Maplewood Mall Suicide: FYE Store’s Owner Died By Hanging

At the mall in Maplewood, Minnesota, there was a huge police presence early yesterday. On Saturday, February 18, 2023, inside their store, a store owner at the Maplewood Mall, 3001 White Bear Ave Space 115A, St. Paul, Minnesota, reportedly committed suicide.

According to reports, the mall was closed because customers had left after what the business described as a “delayed start to the day.”

The fashion gurus of Maplewood posted the following statement on their official Facebook page in the wake of the terrible incident: “Given the tragic tragedy that occurred in our mall this morning, our store will stay closed for the duration of the day.” We are sending the family our love and prayers.

According to a Facebook post, a shop owner at Maplewood Mall hanged themselves this morning Inside that mall, and they will now be operating as usual. I’m not sure of my thoughts on that.

The police did not immediately reveal the name of the store owner, who was discovered inside their store hanging from a rope. According to a source, the incidental retailer is the well-known “FYE Shop.”

The family and authorities might make further announcements regarding the funeral services.

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