Malik Gant Cause of Death: Former Patriot Db Malik Gant Has Died

Malik Gant, a former walk-on safety for the Marshall football team, deceased at 26, according to a statement posted by his family Tuesday afternoon.

The ThunderCast Pod Twitter account broke the news first. It is a Marshall University Athletics account, Gant’s alma mater. They also provided the following statement from Gant’s family:

“With heavy hearts, we announce the death of our beloved family member, Malik Gant.” Malik passed away on May 25, 2023, in Miami, Florida. This terrible loss pains us, and we are in great sadness.”

Cause of death:

The exact reason for his death has yet to be revealed, leaving it unclear how the former New England Patriots defensive back died. Gant’s family, on the other hand, has issued a statement explaining his death.

Verified sources or law enforcement organizations have released no official updates or information. More information about the suspicious nature of Gant’s death will be released shortly.

Obituary details:

When the family decides, they will provide information about the obituary.

About Malik Gant:

Malik Gant was a brilliant football player who rose to prominence due to his abilities on the pitch. In 2019, he made his NFL debut as an undrafted free agent with the New England Patriots. Despite facing obstacles, Malik’s passion and determination shone through.

Malik showed his defensive ability and made big contributions to his squad as a defensive player. Despite being unable to play in a regular-season or postseason game, his dedication to the game and resilience were clear.

Off the pitch, Malik was noted for his outgoing attitude and good nature. With his genuine generosity, he impacted many people’s lives and left a lasting impression on his teammates, coaches, and those who knew him.

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