Maddie Pacheco’s Death: Graduate of Mt. Hope High School and an Employee at East Bay Fish Company Died

Maddie Pacheco was a dedicated soccer athlete at Mt. Hope High School. She was the 2019 graduate of Mt. Hope High School and showed her sportsmanship prowess and built the camaraderie to the high school sports. Her sudden death has shattered the entire Bristol community, which is followed by heartfelt outpourings.

What happened to Maddie Pacheco?

According to the East Bay Fish Company, a family business of the Pacheco family, a few days back, Maddie Pacheco suffered a brain infection that spread quickly, due to which she had a fever that dropped to 99.9 and spiked up to 104. The fever made her disoriented, and she was in hallucinations. She didn’t even remember her close ones and was admitted to RI MICU.

Maddie Pacheco’s mother later posted on Facebook, declaring the death of her best friend, her daughter. The death of Maddie shattered her family, and they asked for a space to mourn their immense loss.

Who was Maddie Pacheco?

Maddie Pacheco was a native of Bristol, Rhode Island, where she graduated from Mount Hope High School in 2019. Maddie had a passion for soccer from an early age. She spent hours polishing her skills, and her continued efforts made her the best competitor in club and high school soccer game as a soccer player from the class of 2019. Maddie was recognized as a fierce competitor, due to which she got the center defender position in soccer play and showed her unwavering commitment to sports.

She had demonstrated her sportsmanship abilities both on-field and off the field. On the field, she showed her intelligence and quick mind game of how to push up field and fall back on defense. Her ball control and passing were remarkable. She knew how to encourage her teammates and helped them in shaping them with athletic skills.

She was also a dedicated student who took part in academic activities. Her coaches and teachers highly admired her for possessing the qualities of being a devoted student and a talented soccer player.

The news of Maddie’s passing left her coaches and school community heartbroken and devastated. The Mt. Hope High School shared their heartfelt condolences to her and her family.
Maddie Pacheco, An employee of East Bay Fish Company

Maddie Pacheco was also passionate about fishing and joined the East Bay Fish Company, where she became a devoted team member. The restaurant is a family business of Maddie, where many visitors also admired her mother, Erica. The restaurant has announced its closing due to a tragic illness of Maddie.

Obituary and funeral

Obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared by family members later.

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