Lindy Ward, North Delta School Student, Died in Car Crash

Unfortunately, a beloved teenage softball player and a dedicated student at North Delta School passed away on September 23, 2023.

The victim has been identified as Lindy Ward. The small Mississippi town of Batesville is reeling from the devastating loss of one of its most promising, 16-year-old Lindy Ward, who tragically died in a fatal car accident last Saturday night.

Her death was announced through a social media post by David Edelstein TV that remarks:

“Thoughts and prayers going out to the family, friends, and community of North Delta High School softball student-athlete Lindy Ward, who died after a car accident Saturday, the school announced

The whole MS community is shaken when something like this occurs.”

The accident’s circumstances are not precise this time; police are investigating the causes behind this tragedy.

When they decide, the family will release the Funeral details and obituary soon, as they are already grieving and asked for privacy.

About Lindy Ward:

Lindy Ward, a beautiful soul, was born on March 6, 2007, the daughter of Jennifer and Jeremy. She excelled as a junior and softball player at North Delta School.

She was a glowing example of what it meant to be a kind person. She has enchanted everyone she has encountered. She had the relaxing, soothing effect of a calm wind on a hot summer day. She has a constant source of comfort and support for her friends and family.

Lindy furthered Batesville’s improvement through her ongoing involvement with local organizations and an unrelenting dedication to providing aid to those in need.

She was a dependable, kind neighbor and all-around decent person whose presence improved Batesville.


“I haven’t responded because I wanted to gather all my thoughts and emotions from over the past 24 hours.

As coaches, and I am speaking of myself specifically, we sometimes spend more time with our teams than we spend with our own families. I become so attached to these kids that they become my own. I have 22 daughters!

Saturday, my girls played two amazing softball games and qualified for the state tournament in Magee, MS, this coming weekend. Everyone was on a high! It amazes me how things can change in just an instant.

Getting a call about one of your girls possibly being in an accident after just getting home made me numb! That call brought back emotions from when my brother was killed in a car wreck three years ago. To show up on the scene and see the feelings of Lindy’s parents, friends, and classmates was heartbreaking!!!

I lost a player and a daughter last night! Speaking to my team today was one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with. The love and support this team has for their teammates and teammates is something that I can honestly say as a coach and a mom is absolutely amazing!

The girls wanted to continue to play in the North Half State Tournament in honor of Lindy! It will be one of the hardest things they will ever do stepping back out on that field. On Tuesday, we will #playforlindy because we know that is what she would’ve wanted! She was a fighter, and North Delta Softball will fight in her honor!

There is no more significant loss as a sibling and a daughter of parents who lost a child. My thoughts and prayers go to Jeremy Ward, Jennifer Braswell Ward, Kaley, Gabe Ward, and Grady. We love you all!”

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