Levy Fidelix Dies At 69 In São Paulo

Founder and president of PRTB, he ran for president three times

Levy Fidelix, founder and national president of the Brazilian Labor Renewal Party (PRTB), died on Friday night (23). The politician was 69 years old and died in the city of São Paulo. The politician’s profile on Twitter reported the death, without, however, citing the cause of death.

Television presenter, university professor, and publicist, Fidelix ran for president of the Republic in the 2014, 2010, and 1994 elections. Last year, he ran for mayor of São Paulo.

Before creating the PRTB, Fidelix participated in the founding of the Liberal Party (PL) in 1986, when he launched his political career and ran for a seat in the Chamber of Deputies for the state of São Paulo. Then, he migrated to the Renovating Labor Party (PTR), when he also ran for a mandate as a federal deputy in the early 1990s.

One of Fidelix’s best-known flags as a candidate was the implementation of the aerotrem as a solution to relieve traffic in the main Brazilian capitals.


In two publications on Twitter this morning (24), the vice president of the Republic, Hamilton Mourão, lamented the death of Fidelix. “I regret the passing away of the founder and president of the PRTB, friend Levi Fidelix. The Brazilian conservative movement loses one of its main representatives,” says the first publication.

The second highlights the friendship between both.


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