Leticia Martinez Missing – What Happened To Her?

Family and friends have been looking for a Seattle woman missing since Friday. Her friends said her last known whereabouts were at a Mariners game.

Along with the King County Sheriff’s Office, the Seattle Police Department has acknowledged that it is investigating missing persons.

However, neither agency would confirm whether Leticia Martinez is the person they are seeking for.

They claim that even her family members are keeping quiet because they don’t want to compromise the case. But, they have made a social media post requesting assistance finding the missing woman.

According to social media accounts, Martinez was last seen at the Mariners game on Friday while on a date. Family members are requesting that anyone with information call the police.

Fans of the Mariners who were exiting Wednesday’s game said that this is upsetting and that the stadium should be a secure location.

“Because the world is unstable, we should all exercise extra caution and care for one another. We must protect one another at this time, a supporter stated.

Leticia Martinez Appearance:

Name: Letica Martinez

Age: 57 years old

Last Seen: On Friday, March 31

Weight: not available

Height: 5’8 inches

Race: Latina

Identifying Marks: Could be wearing glasses, blue fingernails, manicure.

Eyes: Green Eyes

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