Lady Susie Moss Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

Lady Susie Moss, the late Sir Stirling Moss’s wife and generally acknowledged as Britain’s best racing driver passed away unexpectedly.

According to the announcement, she passed away today, March 20, 2023. Lady Susie Moss passed away at 69 years old.

Her death’s precise cause has not been made public. The family might announce funeral arrangements later. Everyone is mourning and remembering Lady Susie, praying for her, and offering online condolences to her.

“So sad to hear of Lady Susie Moss’ demise today. I had the good fortune to meet her frequently over the previous 20 years while visiting hospitals, attending exhibits, and attending racing events. She was always by Stirling’s side, planning, organising, and guiding him from event to event. My condolences go out to the entire Moss family.”

“We were deeply saddened to learn of Lady Susie Moss’s demise. She was Stirling’s wife, best friend, manager, and agent; he was also an integral part of her life. As she entered a room, she also lit it up. Elliot, their kid, and the more prominent Moss family are recipients of our warmest condolences.

She organized many social activities and held Sir Stirling in check when he jokingly referred her as “crumpet” from their marriage in 1980 on. She was always the energetic force by his side, prompting him when his memory failed him (due to his 1962 head traumas).

She cared for Sir Stirling in his final two years before his passing in April 2020, and she has since been hardly ever seen in public, rumored to be devastated by his passing.

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