Australian Red Cross CEO Kym Pfitzner Dies Suddenly; What Cause of His Death?

The business and closed-knit community of Kym Pfitzner is shocked and mourning over the news of the sudden demise of the renowned name Kym Pfitzner, leaving the world heartbroken and devastated.

What happened to Kym Pfitzner?

The renowned chief executive officer of the Red Cross, Kym Pfitzner, has suddenly passed away, leaving his loved ones behind. The news of his death was announced by an Australian Red Cross Facebook page on which they shared their sadness and a legacy to continue his memory by delivering support to the vulnerable community across Australia and internationally.

However, the exact circumstances of his death have not been disclosed and will be shared once it is available.

Kym Pfitzner and His Education

Kym Pfitzner has been a renowned CEO of the Australian Red Cross since January 2021, providing humanitarian aid and community services. He had a great educational background. He was a chartered accountant, and an Australian Institute of Company Directors graduate.

He continued his academic excellence by earning a master’s in leadership and Business Administration. He had a post-degree diploma in Chartered Accounting and a post-degree certificate in Executive Leadership. He was currently undertaking his PhD in leadership.

Kym Pfitzner Career

In February 2020, he was elected as a Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee and demonstrated a vital part as a member of the Finance Committee, the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, and the Finance & Audit Committee at Lifeblood.

Before working as the CEO of the Red Cross in 2021, he was appointed interim CEO in September 2020, after which he took a leave of absence and untimely resigned to become CEO. He had a strong background in leadership and strategy with a keen interest in the media and advisory sector and embarked on corporate governance.

He worked there on privately held businesses, government entities, and listed and non-listed public companies. He has taken various senior regional and country executive leadership positions as a COO, CEO, and CFO, particularly in Asia, Australia, and China.

According to Kym’s LinkedIn profile, he has spent almost three decades building an executive leadership career in the global and advisory sector with corporate development experience, having seen the acquisition of approximately two hundred businesses.

Obituary and funeral

Obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared soon by family members.

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