Kowen Moore Death, Famous Heist+ Co-Worker Passed Away At The Age Of 17

Kowen Moore, a cherished teenager and dedicated worker at Heist+ Co, unexpectedly lost his life on 4th December 2023 Monday at the tender age of 17. The sudden demise shocked the family and friends of the young teenager, as he was the most beloved young person in the community.

What happened to Kowen Moore?

According to the family of Kowen Moore, he passed away after a tragic incident; however, the details about the incident that led to the untimely death of a young teenager have not yet been disclosed to the public at the time of this publication. The tragic incident resulted in his shift to the hospital, where he died. The circumstances of the incident will be shared once the family officially announces it.

Who was Kowen Moore?

Kowen Moore was a beloved 17-year-old teenager working for two years at the famous Heist+co on Harrison Ave, Harrison, OH. Heist+ Co paid their heartfelt tribute on the news of his sudden death. According to the statement, Kowen Moore has been working and gracing their kitchen since age 15.

He was highly regarded for his exceptional work ethic, creativity, and infectious smile that always radiated everyone’s heart. At age 17, he demonstrated his great menu creation. He also demonstrated remarkable courage by recognizing his value and contacting the owner for fair compensation. Kowen showed his passion and unwavering commitment to his work while showing professionalism and a strong work ethic.

Kowen Moore did not only show his passion for culinary art but also showed his passion that went beyond the kitchen. He was recently involved in the python and a bird, reflecting his love for extraordinary things. He always showed his responsibility towards his work and got people’s recognition.


A GoFundMe has been set up to help the Kowen family in the arrangement of his funeral preparations. Kowen was the only son of his parents, and the sudden death left them in immense pain as they had never thought they would have to grapple with the loss before Christmas. Everyone is requested to donate, either small or big, to help them in their most challenging time.

Organizer: Shelly Vogt has organized the fund.

Fund: $13265 has been organized with 127 donations; however, the target was to reach 10000 goal.

Obituary and funeral

Obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared soon by family members.

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