Korie Kellogg, Ex-Wife of Eddy Curry, Passed Away; What Happened?

Korie Kellogg, who was the ex-wife of one of the most famous American ex-professional basketball player Eddy Curry, has passed away; she ended up taking her own life.

For now, the details of Korie Kellogg’s exact date of death, time, and place of her death remain disclosed, Illinois community is in shock since they have heard this news.

An announcement of her death was made and confirmed by the social media reports.

What happened to Korie Kellogg?

According to the initial reports that are coming, they report that Korie took her own life. She attempted suicide. The reason behind her taking her own life remains disclosed. Government authorities have been involved in this case, and her family has decided to keep the emerging details of the matter private. But before concluding about the cause, the officials are looking into the case and collecting whatever information comes their way.

The family has requested not to raise questions regarding the circumstances that surrounded her death. They have asked for privacy as they are processing this big loss.

For now, there is no information available on Korie’s funeral arrangements and the memorial services as the family wants complete privacy at this time and has not shared anything on this.

Legal issues of her life

Her life was not as easy as it seemed. Her life turned tough for her when she faced life challenges in the face of legal issues in 2012. She was accused of beating up her son with a belt just because her son had bullied another child at his school. Because of this, she had to face many challenges throughout, but ultimately, Judge Daniel Rozak, in Will County, cleared her case cause, and she mentioned that she did nothing wrong. And the fact that there is not much evidence available. This was a significant relief for her.

Who was Korie Kellogg?

Korie Kellogg was a resident of Mokena.

Korie married a Chicago Bulls player, Eddy Curry, on Valentine’s Day in 2001; the divorce act was first initiated by her ex-husband Curry after he joined the Chicago Bulls. And unfortunately, they were divorced. Her married life seemed like it could have been happier. She has had many personal issues since she married Eddy Curry. Together, they have a son. Currently, she was working as a realtor with Proactive Realty.

The community is devastated by the loss. She was an important and also a prominent member of the community. She was a helping hand. She always actively involved herself in charity work and helping others.

Life of Korie’s Kellog Ex-husband

Korie’s ex-husband was an American basketball team player. He was pretty famous. But his life was also not very easygoing. At first, his ex-girlfriend Nova Henry was murdered, not just her but also their 10-month-old daughter.

Eddy has seven children, and Korie was his first wife, but they also ended up in a divorce. Eddy is currently living with his second wife, whose name is Patrice Curry.

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