Missing Kirsten Kluyts Found Naked Dead Near Parkmore Jogging Path

Kirsten Kluyts, a 34-year-old teacher of Arts and English, also taught life skills at Delta Park Remedial School since 2020. Kirsten was also known for providing psycho-social support to those students who suffered from mental distress. Kirsten was pursuing her teaching career with dignity and pride and had a dream for the future, but the tragic turn in her life resulted in a distressed school environment. The young teacher was not seen for a while after she attended the event and had been missing since October.

The recent news of Kirsten Kluyts has been taking rounds on social media as the dead body of Kirsten Kluyts has been found dead and naked. The distressing news shattered remedial school teachers and students and raised concerns about the circumstances of her death.

What happened to Kirsten Kluyts?

According to reports, a 34-year-old woman was found dead naked on 29 October 2023 near the jogging path in George Lea Park in Sandton, where a passerby discovered her dead body. The victim was later identified as Kirsten Kluyts, who went missing after she participated in a MyRun running event.

It has been said that Kirsten was on her walk when she got attacked and dragged down the bank, naked and then murdered. The police department is actively investigating the matter and has officially opened the murder case.

Community response

The distressing news of Kirsten Kluyts has left the community in fear and shock as they are not able to process the tragic cause of her death. The Parkmore Community Association shared their heartfelt message regarding the teacher’s death, where they called Kirsten an incredible woman and also put light on the acts of violence in society.

The investigation is actively underway to identify the exact circumstances of the case. The funeral arrangements will be shared later and will be disclosed by the family at a later date.

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