Kiera Alexis Devine, a Beloved Teenager, Died by Suicide After Becoming the Victim of Bullying

On November 14, 2023, a very young, pretty girl named Kiera Alexis Devine, who was just 13 years old from Birmingham, United Kingdom, cut off her life.

The sad and heartbreaking news of a little girl was announced by Sharing Kams Cuddles (SKC). This is an organization which seeks to raise awareness about child abuse in the community. They are dedicated to reaching out to students going through difficult phases.

Why did she take her own life?

According to the emerging reports which are circulating all over, the cause of Kiera’s death was suicide. Yes, you heard it right: she took her own life this young. As per the available reports, she took her own life because she was the victim of bullying.

Bullying is no joke. People do it for fun but don’t realize how it affects their mental as well as physical health.

Officials are still looking into the case. The exact details of who was bullying her all this time are not available.

According to the available reports, the details about Kiera’s funeral arrangements and memorial service are not disclosed for now. The family is coping with such a young death. They are still in the phase to understand what has happened to them. Why did their daughter leave them so soon? However, in the coming days, the family shall announce the details on the date, time, and location for those who want to pay condolences to the family.

Who was Kiera Alexis?

Kiera Alexis was a very young, beautiful girl. She was 13 years old. Her life was too short; there was a lot that she had to pursue in her life, and she had a very bright future.

She was a bright student, but still, she became a victim of bullying and tragically lost her life. The incident shows that it’s a collective responsibility to teach our children to be kind and humble with each other and restrain them from hurting other kids.

Our heart goes out to Kiera’s family. Remember them and her in your special prayers.

GoFundMe Fundraiser

Fundraising has been set up for the beloved soul. It has been set up to help and support the family in this crucial time.
The statement of the page states that

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help support her family.
In a statement on the go fund, it reads: “No parent should have to go through the trauma of losing a child, especially in such awful circumstances!

“Kiera was such a beautiful, intelligent young soul with her whole life ahead of her who will now be ‘forever 13’ due to being a victim of this cruel world. She sadly felt there was no other way out and has left a very heartbroken, devastated family who have no real answers as of yet.

“I am setting up this GoFundMe to help support them at this tragic time through the next few awful months and to help with costs towards this poor baby’s funeral.
If you could donate and help to ease the burden a bit, no matter how big or small, every little counts!

“Please, let’s show Kiera how loved she was.

“Thank you so much x

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