Kassandra Arevaloz Death: Avante Rose Found Dead After Shooting Kassandra Arevaloz

A lady discovered dead in a Torrance home on Wednesday has been recognized by authorities.

According to Sgt. Ron Salary of the Torrance Police Department, officers were called to the 23700 block of Western Avenue at around six o’clock on Tuesday “regarding a female down inside the residence.”

When the police arrived, Salary claimed, they investigated the house and found a dead adult female inside. “No additional victims were discovered inside the house.”

The lady was identified as Torrance resident Kassandra Arevaloz, 29, by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office on Wednesday.

Incident details:

The accused murder-suicide’s suspected culprit, Avante Rose, was Kassandra Arevaloz’s boyfriend. Avante Rose left the location after shooting Kassandra Arevaloz and killing her.

Despite a vigorous search by law authorities, he managed to avoid capture for many days. Rose eventually committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Therefore, suicide was the cause of death.

Avante Rose and Kassandra Arevaloz had a contentious argument the morning before the event. Reports state that as the debate heated up, Rose fatally shot Arevaloz before departing the scene. When law officers arrived at the crime scene, they discovered the victim had been killed. An aggressive search for the culprit was launched in the days following the incident. But eventually, Rose was discovered dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, proving that he had killed himself.

Obituary details:

When the family decides, they will reveal specifics about the burial rites.

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