Kara Miklaus Death: Director and co-owner at WORK Training studio unexpectedly passed away

Newport Beach, CA: Kara Miklaus, an esteemed director and co-owner at a WORK training studio and a professional trainer who had touched many people’s lives, unexpectedly passed away on Monday, 19 November 2023. The sudden news of her demise shocked her loved ones and the gym community and sparked a conversation about the circumstances of her sudden death, but her death’s exact date and cause aren’t confirmed by any official source or by family.

According to GoFundMe, it has been reported that Kara Miklaus died two years back due to her battle with mental illness. The celebration of life was held on Sunday, 23rd January, at 8:00 am CorePower Yoga Irvine Jamboree.

Who was Kara Miklaus?

Kara Miklaus was a native of Peekskill, New York, where she spent her early years of life. Later, she moved to Newport Beach, California, and resided there until her death. Kara Miklaus was the professional gym and fitness trainer and the female director and co-owner at WORK Training Studio located in Irvine, California. In her studio, she worked with clients of all ages and specialized in high-intensity interval training. Kara, along with her husband, Dane Miklaus, who is also the CEO of the WORK training studio, made the gym a place of warmth and a judgment-free environment. The community appreciated the struggle of Kara and Dane for making such a positive influence on the gym and bringing great fitness and wellness to the people.

Kara Miklaus leaves behind her husband and daughters in immense grief. The sudden death resulted in a heartfelt outpouring from her loved ones and those who had shared their moments with her. Many people came together and paid tribute by doing “The Kara” to honor her love for exercise and movement.



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