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What is Kamala Harris’s net worth?

Kamala Harris‘ Net Worth: This is one of the questions that people ask the most about Gwen Shamblin and although they always end up answering it on other pages with an “I don’t know, you know” or “it depends” if there are some estimates that various web portals mention.

The estimated Net Worth of Kamala Harris is $6.3 Million. Kamala Harris served as the junior United States senator from California from 2017 to 2021.  However, it is not possible to make an exact calculation about fortune. Information about Kamala Harris’ net worth in 2021 is being updated as soon as possible by wepublishnews.com

Kamala Harris Biodata

Full Name: Kamala Devi Harris
Date of Birth: October 20, 1964
Age: 56 years old
Born Place: Oakland, CA (Oakland Medical Center)
Profession: Politician
Parents: Shyamala Gopalan Harris and Donald Harris
Maya Harris
Net Worth: $6.3 million
Spouse: Douglas Emhoff (d. 2014)
Political party: Democratic Party


Daughter of the Tamil Shyamala Gopalan Harris, a scientist specializing in breast cancer who emigrated from Madras to the United States in 1960, and the Jamaican Donald Harris, an economics professor at Stanford University who in 1961 also came to the United States as a student.

Her maternal grandfather, PV Gopalan, was an Indian diplomat. She has a younger sister named Maya who is an attorney and political analyst for MSNBC. She grew up in Auckland attending both a Black Baptist church and a Hindu temple. Her mother also took her with her sister to rallies in favor of social rights.

Her parents divorced when she was seven years old, leaving her in her mother’s custody. When she was twelve years old, they moved to Montreal, Québec, Canada, where Shyamala worked as a researcher at the Jewish General Hospital and as a professor at McGill University.


After graduating from Westmount High School in Westmount, Quebec in 1981, Kamala attended Howard University in Washington, DC, where she majored in political science and economics. He returned to California, where she obtained her Juris Doctor (JD) from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, in 1989. She entered the California Bar in 1990.


During the 1990s, she worked in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office.

In 2004, she was named a San Francisco District Attorney.

Attorney General

In 2010, she was elected Attorney General of California, being reelected in 2014. She thus became the first woman in the state, the first African-American, and the first person of South Asian descent to hold the position.


On November 8, 2016, she was elected senator for the state of California after defeating Loretta Sánchez in the Senate elections to succeed the Democrat Barbara Boxer, becoming the third female senator elected by California, the second African-American, and the first with Jamaican or Indian descent.

As a senator, she supported Medicare For All, the passage of the DREAM Act, the legalization of recreational marijuana, the lowering of taxes for the working and middle classes, and also increasing the tax burden for corporations. and the richest Americans. Also taking a stand against the death penalty.

A strong opponent of the Trump Administration, with an easy verb and quick reflexes, she was also very critical of the White House’s policy of closing borders.

Candidacy for the presidency of the United States

On January 21, 2019, Harris officially announced her candidacy for President of the United States in the 2020 presidential elections. A member of

the moderate wing of the Democratic Party maintains a distance with the most left-wing part of the formation represented by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, although he favors progressive policies such as expanding health coverage, the right to abortion, lowering taxes for all families that earn less than $ 100,000 a year, guaranteeing a minimum salary of $ 15,000 or free university for children of families who earn less than $ 140,000 a year.

Candidate for Vice Presidency

On August 11, 2020, it was made public that Joe Biden chose senator and primary rival Kamala Harris as her running mate for vice president.

She is the first woman of Indian and black origin to be nominated for a presidential ‘ticket’ by one of the great parties and, if Biden wins in November, she would become the first woman to hold the position. By choosing Harris as her political partner, she could be anointing her as the de facto leader of her party in four or eight years.

Californian Senator Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic nomination on Wednesday, August 19, becoming the first non-white woman to run for the US vice presidency of a major party.

Following the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States in the 2020 elections, Harris assumes the position of Vice President of the United States on January 20, 2021.

Vice President of the United States

Harris resigned her Senate seat on January 18, 2021, two days before her inauguration. Harris assumed office as Vice President of the United States on January 20, 2021.

Private life

She married Douglas Emhoff, a California attorney, on August 22, 2014, becoming a stepmother to her husband’s two children. She met him on a blind date. Emhoff is an attorney and partner at DLA Piper in Century City and Washington DC.

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