Justin Turner, Texas Tech Sigma Chi Member, in Critical Condition After Tragic Accident

How Did the Accident Happen?

Family and well-wishers are in continuous prayers and seeking prayers for Justin Turner, a Texas Tech Sigma Chi member. On 23 September, Saturday night, just after 10 p.m., Justin was with his friends in Lubbock and sustained critical injuries when he was struck by a car as a pedestrian.

He is undergoing a critical condition with swelling and bleeding from his brain. The young man is in ICU and battling for his life. The medical team asks for prayers for Justin’s family as nothing short of a miracle will save their son’s life.

Everyone came to know the news after a post on social media on Monday by dawn Brady Cottar in which he asked for prayer by mentioning his parents, Jim Turner and Jan Tucker Turner. The comment section was flooded with deepest concerns as Justin was so beloved to many people, and the news shocked many of his friends and family members.

Who is Justin Turner?

His determination, resilience, energy, and great companionship with his friends and close ones make his place in their hearts. He is adaptable and dares to get through every obstacle in his life. Justin always carries out the challenges and never backs off from any task, regardless of how hard it is. He consistently works on himself to build himself stronger with each passing day. As an outstanding member of the Sigma Chi fraternity at Texas Tech, he holds excellent pride. He has a significant position in the Texas Tech University community due to his brilliance. His compassion, charismatic nature, and leadership qualities exemplify him.


Sigma Chi is raising money to relieve his family’s financial stress. Medical expenses are incredibly high, so our responsibility is to lighten the financial burden on his family throughout this challenging time. Dalton Blandford established a GoFundMe account on 25 September for those wanting to help Justin through this challenging time.

Organize by: Dalton Blandford

Donations: According to reports, the set goal was $30,000, and $18,247 has been raised with 384 more donors

The account statement said

A statement from the account reads,

“Dear Sigma Chi Brothers, Friends, and Supporters, We are reaching out to you today with heavy hearts and a deep sense of urgency as we share the heartbreaking news of our beloved Sigma Chi brother, Justin Turner (JT), who is currently fighting for his life. JT has faced a life-threatening brain injury and is in critical condition.”

Justin’s parents thanked them for their concerns and prayers and the outpouring they sent to the family. Many Justin’s University students came, but the security sent the majority back to the lodge as it was getting chaotic. Over 60+ guys from a fraternity from tech were all there for him. All were crying and comforting each other. We pray this young man gets through this challenging time.

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