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Jovenel Moise net worth: This is one of the questions that people ask the most about Jovenel Moise and although they always end up answering it on other pages with an “I don’t know, you know” or “it depends” if there are some estimates that various web portals mention.

The estimated net worth of Jovenel Moise was $8 Million. However, it is not possible to make an exact calculation about the fortune of this Great Politician. We have estimated Jovenel Moise’s net worth, salary, money,  income, and assets.

Jovenel Moise
Net Worth $8 Million
Date Of Birth
June 26, 1968
Place Of Birth Trou-du-Nord
Age 53 years old
Profession Politician
Last Updated 2021

Jovenel Moise Died

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise was killed during an attack on his private residence early on July 7, according to the country’s acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph. CNN’s Melissa Bell reports.

The First Lady of Haiti, Martine Moise, is still alive after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, during an attack on her residence at dawn this Wednesday, confirmed the Haitian ambassador in Santo Domingo, Smith Augustin.

At a press conference, according to the EFE agency, Martine Moïse receives medical attention in a hospital in Port-au-Prince, despite the fact that in various media it was revealed that he had died after the gunshot wounds.

Smith said that her health is “stable” and announced that the couple’s children are “in safe places under protection.” 

Also, a spokesman for the Haitian embassy in Santo Domingo said that an ambulance plane has been prepared in Port-au-Prince to take the First Lady abroad to continue her medical treatment.

A few hours ago, the Actualidad RT portal reported that Martine Moïse had died, according to the Haitian doctor Hans Larsen, president of the Haitian Olympic Committee, who revealed it through a phone call to the program “Today,” of the Dominican channel Color View.

“I have friends in the hospital who confirmed that information, they are 100 percent true, it is not 95 or 99, it is 100 percent,” he explained then.

He was a gunshot wound 

The 47-year-old First Lady is treated at the General Hospital of Port-au-Prince after being shot and wounded in the private residence of the Haitian leader in Port-au-Prince.

According to the first reports and local media, the shooting took place around 1 in the morning in the Pétion-Ville neighborhood, a suburb of Port-au-Prince, when “a group of unidentified individuals”, among them “several who spoke Spanish ”, stormed the residence.

The assassination of the President of the Government of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, has shocked Haitian and international society. A group of armed men stormed his residence around 1 am in the Pelerin neighborhood of Port-au-Prince and also wounded his wife, Martine Moïse, according to Prime Minister Claude Joseph.

An attack that takes place two months before the new elections, and which leads us to learn more about the figure (loved and hated in equal parts) of the Central American politician Jovenel Moïse and his wife, Martine, after what happened in Haiti.

At the age of 53, the Prime Minister had come to politics from the business side, since his professional career was linked to several companies related to plantains (bananas). What caused many to put the nickname of ‘banana president’.

A milestone for the son of a modest family in the northeast of the country, in the rural department of Trou-du-Nord. An area on the Caribbean coast and bordering the Dominican Republic, where, according to his official biography, his father worked as a farmer and mechanic, and his mother as a shopkeeper and seamstress.

However, while he was still very young, the family moved to the capital, Puerto Príncipe, where he studied Education Sciences at the Quisqueya University (a private entity considered one of the best in the country). Although he would not get to graduate, since he began during his studies to work in his own banana company.

Precisely in that same university stage, in fact, it was in the first year, he met his wife: Martine Marie Etienne Joseph. The teacher-student, now seriously injured, was a native of the Haitian capital, studied at Roger Anglade College, and later entered the University of Quisqueya, where she coincided with her husband.

The couple married two years after meeting, in 1996, moving from Port-au-Prince to the coastal area of ​​Port-de-Paix. There they opened their first business, an auto parts, and accessories store called Jomar Auto Parts. However, a short time later they would make the leap to their main business: banana plantations.

Thus, they were acquiring different land for cultivation, betting in 2001 on the investment of water resources in their native area of ​​Trou-du-Nord. There Jovenel Moïse, again according to his official biography, became familiar with the problems related to the distribution of drinking water and met the challenges of local communities.

For this reason, supported by his wife, he was elected president of the Nord-Ouest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCINO). A position that was the prelude to his election as secretary-general of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti, from where the presidential couple was initiating in the national politics of Haiti.

Some activities ran alongside his business and family life. Jovenel and Martine Moïse are the parents of three children: Jovenel Jr., Jomarlie and Joverlein. However, there is little public information about them, since, especially since their father’s arrival to the presidency of the country, their parents have preferred to keep them away from the dangers that their position could bring in troubled Haiti.

A bad omen that has now been fulfilled, but that had been a threat since the beginning of his mandate. In fact, in 2019 it was learned that the couple’s children had gone from Haiti to the Dominican Republic and later traveled to Canada, according to the Caribbean media ‘Listín Diario’.

The couple’s only daughter, Jomarlie, is kept off social media at least publicly, as she appears to have a private profile under the nickname ‘loristonk’. However, thanks to Instagram, we can get to know his brothers a little more. According to the photos they show on the internet, the 3 spend most of their time outside of Haiti.

Jovenel Jr., whom we see next to his sister, is a nature lover, where he enjoys excursions with his family or quad routes. In addition, because of the photos he shared on Instagram, he also loves traveling to New York and the music of Jason Derulo. Although his presence in networks is minimal compared to that of his brother Joverlein.

Updating his Instagram profile almost daily, he shows himself to be passionate about football and fashion. In addition, he always winks at his native country, but seems to have started a family with two children outside its borders. Confirming the theory of his possible emigration to Canada.

Now, living abroad, the 3 brothers are believed to be traveling to Haiti because of the terrible news that has hit their family. While awaiting the evolution of his mother and after the murder of his father, what is clear is that the solid couple formed by Jovenel and Martine Moïse will not be able to fulfill their dreams for the future. “A group of oligarchs wants to take over Haiti,” said the president in an interview for ‘El País’ in February this year.

Explaining that there was a powerful family that wanted to assassinate him for his social measures. Finally, this has happened, leaving unfulfilled how they both looked in a few years, according to various media.

Far from or close to politics, but always trying to improve his country, especially in everything related to international cooperation and education projects. In addition to being linked to organic food production, as they had already developed with their banana company more than 10 years ago.

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